Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Final Exam Post Part THREE

My most successful project was not hard to choose. I believe I did the best on the canvas painting of the elk and the mountains. In this project I feel I took risks and I feel I collaborated with others (mainly Mr. Grayson's dad).
My least successful project was the project where we used frames to represent us in some way. I love to play soccer so I chose to do soccer cleats as my picture in the frame. What I could've done is put the cleats in front of my feet so it looked like I was wearing them.

Final Exam Post Part TWO

I chose my canvas painting as my representative as my piece of art that shows one of my art qualities. My quality was creating original art. I was inspired by my trip to Alaska to create a painting of the northern wilderness. I used my own unique ideas through what the actual wilderness will look like and the colors I will throw in. I did have another source of inspiration from a picture I found online that I changed up to suit my style in the painting.

Final Exam Post Part ONE

The first project I chose to present in this final post was True Shadow Project. In this project, I used specific art skills to make the technological art work. I had to determine first of all what I thought Google's true shadow was, which took an inspired art mind to think up. I chose "wicked" because people can interpret that in two different ways, which is perfect for a piece of art to have the viewer wondering what the true meaning is. Also, to keep it looking real, I had to think of what direction and to what magnitude the shadow should go.
The second project I chose to present in this post was the slice project. Even though it was very unoriginal, I chose to slice open an apple and there would be a orange inside. The technology aspect of this project included being able to swap an apple interior with an orange. First of all, to make life easy, I chose two pictures that were facing the same direction so I could mix them together easily. Next, I lined up the pictures in Photoshop and cropped out every part I didn't need. Next I did a bit of blurring to make the two pictures blend together better.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 6

hairy potter

Day 7

For todays project, my super hero was Larry the Cable Guy. Since he played the role of Tow Mater in Cars: The Movie, I threw Mater's face on Larry the Cable Guy. I also gave Larry the Cable Guy a tattoo on his bicep to show that it's him. Here is my masterpiece:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015